Best Doctors is a network of medical experts who can help you make important medical decisions with confidence.

Founded in 1989 by two professors from Harvard Medical School, Best Doctors has created a database of 53,000 world-renowned medical experts.

In a world of rapidly advancing medical science, access to Best Doctors means that if you, your partner or any of your dependent children are diagnosed with a serious or worrying illness you can get a world-leading expert to:

  • conduct an in-depth review of your diagnosis and medical case; and
  • provide expert advice and recommendations for medical treatment.

Best Doctors can help with everything from minor surgery to major health concerns like cancer and heart disease. The service is 100% confidential. You don’t need to travel, visit a doctor’s office or chase medical records.

In short, Best Doctors will give you the confidence to make the best medical decision for you.

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By selecting the Funeral Benefit option, you are choosing to ‘charge’ your cash lump sum to Dignity Funerals Ltd (Dignity). This means that your cash lump sum will be paid directly to Dignity rather than your estate. Dignity will then add 10% to the contribution your cash sum makes towards your funeral costs - completely free of charge.

If your funeral costs less than your cash lump sum, the 10% will be calculated on the amount used to pay towards your funeral costs. If there is any money leftover, this will be paid back to your estate (see example below).

If your funeral costs more than your cash lump sum, the 10% will be calculated on your cash lump sum and your family will just have to pay the balance of the funeral cost to Dignity.

If you have chosen a level cash sum the maximum additional funeral benefit is £1,000.

If you have chosen to protect your cash sum from the effects of inflation, the additional funeral benefit limit of £1,000 will also increase in line with inflation.

When the time comes, Dignity will provide advice and guidance to your family on all aspects of the funeral and will agree the funeral services required with your next of kin.

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